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CCPA Compliance Guide:

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a state statute intended to enhance California residents' privacy rights. Although CCPA was enforced on July 1, 2020, organizations are still struggling to comply with the legislation. Before you can achieve CCPA compliance, you need to understand:


  • The law's basics — what companies it applies to (hint: it applies to more than just California-based companies)
  • What kind of information it protects
  • What types of businesses need to comply
  • Best practices and procedures to become CCPA compliant


The True Cost of Noncompliance

Businesses that violate CCPA could face significant financial and reputational consequences. Several large brands have already been fined and sued for not adhering to the regulations -- don’t let your organization be next.

With Ground Labs, organizations can quickly and effectively meet a range of compliance obligations, while helping find where sensitive data resides -- ultimately bolstering customer, employee and shareholder protection.


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In Ground Labs’ complimentary whitepaper, “How Businesses Can Meet CCPA Compliance Requirements,” you'll find everything you need to know to understand CCPA and unlock compliance through a simple first step -- data discovery. Download the complimentary resource to learn more today!


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