GDPR Preparedness: How to Identify and Secure Sensitive Personal Data



Only 1 in 5 businesses believe they are fully GDPR compliant, making them vulnerable to significant penalties which can range from fines of up to 20 million Euros or 4% of the annual worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is greater. Beyond the financial repercussions, a GDPR violation can cripple customer, partner, employee and shareholder trust.


You Only Need One Page to Understand GDPR Data & Security Requirements

  • The GDPR: What is Considered Sensitive Personal Data?
  • What if my Organization Doesn’t Achieve Compliance?
  • How to Process Sensitive Data Under the GDPR
  • GDPR Security Requirements
  • Encryption Requirement Checklist


Don’t Stop There: How Ground Labs Can Help

We’re here to help simplify GDPR compliance like never before.

With Enterprise Recon by Ground Labs, GDPR the first step in compliance is easily achievable, as our award-winning solution can identify, monitor and remediate over 300 different types of data, including personal sensitive information.

Organizations can also create an inventory of sensitive data, upholding the GDPR requirement for ongoing data surveillance by monitoring it via the Enterprise Recon dashboard.

  • Schedule a 1:1 meeting with us to better understand your data and get started on your journey to full GDPR compliance.
  • Discover how our award-winning Enterprise Recon solution can help unlock GDPR compliance.

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