How Data Discovery Helps Businesses Stay Compliant with the Australian Privacy Act

In an effort to regulate data privacy and respect the rights of individuals, Australia has enacted a patchwork of territorial privacy acts. The overarching law that governs the continent is the Australian Federal Privacy Act 1988, also known as the Privacy Act or the “Australian GDPR.” Since 1988, this legislation has undergone over 80 revisions that incorporate various updates and amendments. The Privacy Act is intended to serve as a guide for how organizations should handle the data of Australian citizens.


A Complimentary Resource to Learn More About the Privacy Act:

In order to achieve and maintain compliance, the first step is understanding what the Privacy Act entails. Download the whitepaper, “How Data Discovery Helps Businesses Stay Compliant With the Australian Privacy Act,” to dive deeper into the legislation and to explore:

  • Who the Privacy Act applies to
  • The privacy principles to help guide organizations in steps they need to take to achieve compliance
  • Common challenges that hold organizations back from fully safeguarding their data
  • How COVID-19 has exasperated the process of achieving data compliance
  • Repercussions of non-compliance

Using Ground Labs’ solutions, organizations can efficiently and effectively meet a range of compliance obligations, including the expectations laid out in the Privacy Act and any additional Australian data privacy laws.


Kick Start Your Compliance Journey with Ground Labs:

In Ground Labs’ complimentary whitepaper, “How Data Discovery Helps Businesses Stay Compliant With the Australian Privacy Act,” we share everything you need to know to understand the legislation and steps your business can take to continuously meet compliance standards.

Ground Labs’ award-winning Enterprise Recon solution helps organizations achieve data compliance sooner by scanning and remediating more than 300 data types across various environments including on-prem servers and the cloud.


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