Building The Business Case for Data Discovery

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Data is arguably the most valuable asset that a company has, yet so often, it is one of the things that receives the least investment.

Up to 70% of companies acknowledge that they do not know where all their sensitive data resides within their organization. Data breaches continue to increase, bringing with them the threat of irreparable reputational harm, lost business, regulatory penalties and significant recovery costs. It is essential that businesses can identify and protect their sensitive data, and develop their cyber-resilience capabilities to respond if the worst happens. 

Presenting a well-informed business case explaining why you need a data discovery tool and data management strategy is essential if you are going to get the business to invest the tools necessary to secure your data, satisfy increasing data regulations and demonstrate to your clients and customers that you are keeping their sensitive information safe.

This guide describes what you will need to include to produce a compelling business case for data discovery, and provides you with all you need to justify investment in this critical data management capability. In it, you will learn:

  • Why data awareness – the ability to identify sensitive data wherever it is stored – is critical for modern businesses
  • The potential impacts of a data breach and the steps you can take to reduce your breach risk
  • What you should include in a business case for a data discovery initiative, or for a wider privacy or cybersecurity program

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