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Find and remediate more than 300 data types from over 50 countries using the quickest, most accurate data discovery technology. Unlock your ability to keep up with the evolving compliance landscape.

Why Do You Need A Data Risk Assessment?

  • Understand how to find all of your organization's PII, regardless of where it lives.

  • Comply with a comprehensive range of global and regional data legislation and security standards, including the GDPR, PCI DSS, CCPA, HIPAA and Australian Privacy Act.

  • Gain accurate insights into where your organization’s most valuable asset — its data — really resides.

Let us do the initial work for you.

We want to share our expertise with you by offering a complimentary data risk assessment to help understand your risk exposure while providing best practices to help mitigate and manage the risk.

Global organizations trust Ground Labs and its award-winning Enterprise Recon solutions to meet their data security and compliance obligations.

What Our Data Risk Assessment Includes

  • Discover all of your structured and unstructured data

Identify more than 300 data types including predefined and variants that include sensitive, personal and confidential data from over 50 countries.

  • Secure or remediate discovered data

Go beyond identifying and remediate with comprehensive options, including the ability to encrypt, mask, secure, delete and quarantine. Enable your organization to secure and eliminate all exposed sensitive data and achieve a true zero trust security posture.

  • Data classification

Integrate with Microsoft Purview for robust classification capabilities.

  • Compliance reporting

Analyze your data mapping with compliance reporting, risk scoring and risk mapping. Classify and assign risk levels to specific data locations.

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