The GLASS™ Difference

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To ensure you have peace of mind when it comes to securing your data, you want to be assured that you have the best technology available, providing you with accurate insight into your data. That’s where GLASS Technology™ makes the difference.

Ground Labs offers fast and accurate data discovery, management and remediation solutions powered by GLASS Technology. GLASS™ is Ground Labs’ proprietary, award-winning discovery and pattern-matching engine, and is the secret behind the quickest and most accurate data discovery solution on the market – Enterprise Recon. 

Enterprise Recon, powered by GLASS, enables you to perform fully customizable data discovery, risk scoring, data classification and remediation across the broadest set of platforms available.

In The GLASS™ Difference, you will learn:

  • Why sensitive data discovery is an essential capability for businesses worldwide
  • What GLASS is and how it delivers class-leading data discovery capabilities
  • How GLASS helps limit false positives while ensuring fast and accurate identification of sensitive information across on-premises and cloud-based architectures
  • How Ground Labs uses GLASS in its industry-leading discovery solution, Enterprise Recon

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