Taking a Zero-Sum Approach to Securing your PII Data

When it comes to data management and security, no stone can be left unturned. And yet, organizations continue to base their data management and security posture on assumptions.

This places the entire organization at risk, and it is critical that CISOs, ITSMs, and Data Governance Officers take a zero-sum approach to data privacy. However, the proliferation of data makes it challenging for organizations to keep up, especially in remote work environments.

Want to learn more about what features your organization needs to to remove assumptions and take a zero-sum approach to PII? Watch Ground Labs Enterprise Sales Consultant, Chet Metcalf, give a demo.

In this segment, we’ll explore:

  • Enterprise Recon PRO’s ability to scan data files, emails, databases, cloud, or on-premises
  • Why the risks to PII and the organizations that store it have never been greater
  • Enterprise Recon PRO’s advanced features, including custom data type searches.
  • A live demonstration of Enterprise Recon PII


How Ground Labs Can Help

We’re here to help you locate PII:

  • Schedule a 1:1 meeting with us to better understand your data management processes.
  • Discover how our award-winning Enterprise Recon solution can help you find missing or vulnerable PII before malicious actors.

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